How To Buy a House in Puyallup Without Using Any of Your Own Money

Stop! Don’t let three little words stand in your way to homeownership, twenty percent down. Many potential buyers believe the falsehood that there is no other way to achieve the downpayment and fail to pursue homeownership or taking advantage of all of the benefits real estate offers. Read on to discover how to buy a house in Puyallup without using any of your own money.


Depending on how much equity you hold, you could leverage real estate to buy a house in Puyallup without using your own money. You can leverage the equity through a home equity loan if you are in good standing credit-wise. Because you can purchase real estate with only twenty percent down, your wealth increases the full amount of the property, meaning you have already gained equity, and you can now repeat the process. It is essential to investing with leverage that you have strong diversification in your portfolio and have fully outlined your investment strategies from the beginning.

Seller Financing

Typically, this agreement is for a matter of a few years, allowing the buyers to get their credit ducks in a row, saving for a conventional downpayment. It is essential to confirm the seller’s financial status and clarify the rights in any mortgage the seller has to make such an arrangement. It would be advisable for both parties to seek professional assistance to avoid errors in the contract. Through creative negotiation techniques, it is possible to arrange to purchase a home with financing from the seller, including the down payment. Take over payments in Washington financing is an excellent way for those who want to buy now but need to fix any credit issues to buy a house in Puyallup without using any of their own money.

Family or Friends

Family members or friends may gift your downpayment to you. However, you will want to take careful steps to satisfy your lender’s requirements in this transaction. Call your lender to check the procedures that you should use to qualify. They may require your family member to provide you with a check for the amount. They will likely request that you attain a written letter stating your relationship and verify this truly is a gift, with no repayment expectations. This process enables many first time home buyers to purchase their first house in Puyallup without using any of their own money 

FHA Programs 

A variety of assistance programs are available in varying locations. Within specific guidelines, you could receive downpayment assistance if you live in one of the units to buy a multi-family property. In many cases, the FHA will forgive the downpayment assistance loan at the end of a given term. Even if you do not qualify for the program, the down payment may be as little as 3 percent because it is your primary residence.  You must move in within 60 days and live in the property for at least one year. This amount is a much easier goal to reach than the standard down of twenty percent for income properties. The best part? Your tenants will pay your mortgage. 

There are many more programs available for downpayment assistance and other options to help get you started right now. At Sell My House in Washington, we will answer any of your questions and help alleviate your concerns. We take the time to listen to you. Whether you are new to buying real estate or want to build your investment portfolio, we can help you step by step and make the process easy! Work with Sell My House in Washington to buy a house in Puyallup without using any of your own money. Send us a message or call Sell My House in Washington at 253.201.8008 today!

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